The city of Kansas City, MO is tentatively planning to ask voters to approve a property tax increase to pay for an $800 million bond issue - GO (General Obligation) Bonds.  So far, specifics about what the bonds would be used to pay for have not been announced, but DNA wants to be proactive in identifying potential improvements within the GDAP boundries, so our elected officials can get an idea of the improvements we wish to see occur.

Below is a rough list of ideas grouped in 3 categories, Strategic, Mid-Size and Tactical.  This list is a work in-progress, so if you have ideas to add post them in the comments below, tweet them to @dnakcmo and use #KCGO17, post them to our Facebook page or send them to us via email to  As we get closer to a vote, we will share a refined list of funding priorities for DNA.

Strategic: Make no small plans...

  • North Loop Removal: Restore historic street grid and open up acres for more residents, parks, and revenue-producing development.

  • Make Grand Grand: Realize this ambitious plan to make one of our most prominent streets live up to its name.

  • 100% ADA compliant sidewalks: Not just fixing corners and curb cuts, but eliminating mid-block slaloms for clear pedestrian paths. Fix broken sections and widen narrow paths.

  • Connect Columbus Park to Berkley Park: Construct a multi-modal overpass from Campbell, Harrison, or Gillis in Columbus Park to the developing riverfront neighborhood.

  • Fix Penn Valley Park to Crossroads Connections: See valley-park/

  • Washington Square Park Land Swap: Open up land bordering Main and Grand for development while extending Washington Square Park over KCT (Kansas City Terminal Railway) tracks towards the Crossroads.

  • Buy 805: Purchase a fifth streetcar to enable a big bump in service frequency.

  • Comprehensive Bike Lane Network: Build a network for the future. Cyclists want to go to the same places that cars do!

Mid-Size: Bigger than your average PIAC request

  • Charlotte 2-way Conversion Between 11th & Truman: Multiple signalized intersections in this stretch drive up the cost of fixing the last one-way gap.

  • North Loop Area 2-way Conversions: Convert 7th/Admiral, 8th, 9th, and 10th Streets. (Independence and 6th Streets will be converted when the North Loop is removed!)

  • Paseo West 2-way Conversions: Those same streets are still needlessly one-way east of I-70, so let's fix them too.

  • Downtown-Northeast Bike Connection: Imagine bike lanes extending from Grand heading east on Admiral to Woodland, then meandering through Pendleton Heights and on to Cliff Drive and the rest of the Historic Northeast.

  • Upgrade Grand Viaduct Between River Market & Berkley Area: Add a multi-use path to the existing viaduct connecting these two neighborhoods.

  • Case Park Deferred Maintenance: Replace benches, fix retaining walls, clear brush, and so on. Spruce up this historic gem in the Parks system.

  • Underpass Lighting for I-35: Underpasses can be dark and unpleasant; let's make them a little more welcoming.

  • Oak/Gillham Road Diet from 9th to 31st: This corridor could make a nice bike route between Downtown and Midtown with the addition of protected lanes. A long-term construction lane closure at 30th has provided proof-of- concept testing for the corridor. We'd continue all the way to Cleaver Boulevard, but our Midtown friends will have to pick it up south of 31st!

  • Locally Funded Bike Lanes: Local funding allows for faster implementation, fewer strings, and more consistent timelines for implementation.

  • Close 6th Street Sidewalk Gap: Somehow a block of street in Downtown doesn't have any sidewalks. Build one in the 800 block of 6th Street.

  • Upgraded Bus Stops: Identify high-ridership bus stops aside from planned superstops for upgrades such as benches, shelters, and other amenities.

  • Close Main Street Sidewalk Gap: Another sidewalk gap exists on the east side of Main between 27th Street and Grand.

  • Driver Education Signs: Signs at entrances to Downtown informing drivers to be aware of cyclists and yield to pedestrians.

Tactical: Small steps - big impact

  • 100% continental crosswalk striping: Every crosswalk in the GDAP area gets this prominent marking.

  • Sidewalk Pole Cleanup: Reduce the number of sidewalk slaloms.

  • Set More Signals to Off-Peak Flash: Configure more traffic signals to “flash” outside of off-peak hours. 4-way stop functionality will reduce delay for all users during low traffic periods.

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