DNA - your voice is needed!  On Thursday, May 26 at 9:30 am in the 26th Floor Council Chambers, the proposed Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Ordinance will be heard before a joint meeting of the Transportation & Infrastructure and Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committees.  This proposed ordinance, sponsored by Councilwoman Jolie Justus, would give the city more tools to foster quality development along our transit corridors.  

Per the City's website, a TOD Policy is an important first step to ensure public transit investments are accompanied by new development and economic activity for several reasons:

  • It creates a broad framework to incorporate TOD policies and principles into existing plans and future plan updates;
  • It guides more detailed planning and dialogue for specific neighborhoods and station areas.
  • It identifies potential barriers to TOD in existing plans and policies and outlines a corrective course of action;
  • It assists in prioritizing capital investments to maximize benefit and leverage limited resources.
  • It facilitates improved coordination of City agencies and departments to support TOD; and,
  • It identifies potential areas to strategically focus investment and development. Development Policy identifies the critical elements of a successful TOD and provides a concise program of initiatives to implement TOD in Kansas City.

What might the results of the TOD ordinance look like?  Just look at your neighborhood!  Transit-oriented development is people-oriented development, and is the fundamental bedrock of downtown.  Anything that you would walk to, bike to, or take transit to before driving to is an example.  TOD is part of what makes Downtown Downtown.  Even if you are not a regular transit user, you will benefit from the quality development that the ordinance encourages.  

The proposed policy has been developed and reviewed by the City Planning Department, and has been vetted through public outreach and comment.  It is important for residents to speak up and defend the policy, which has gone through due process and not let it be derailed or diminished by special interest groups at the last minute as other past efforts have been.

If you would like to learn more, the city has an informative website set up with links to the actual policy documents:

Kansas City has made significant investments in transit over the last decade - most visibly the Streetcar - but also the Ride KC MAX lines, enhanced Ride KC Bus service, and Ride KC Bridj.  Encouraging TOD would help the city leverage these investments and generate a greater return on them, providing a benefit to everyone.

Come to City Hall on Thursday, May 26 at 9:30 am to be seen and be heard!  If you are unable to attend on Thursday, please emailcallTweet, or otherwise reach out to the City Council.  Email sent to "council@kcmo.org" will reach all members.  

The members in Thursday's meeting:

Scott Taylor, Vice Chair (@Scott_TaylorKC)
Jermaine Reed, Vice Chair (@JermaineReed)
Katheryn Shields (@K_J_Shields)
Heather Hall (@Hall1stDistrict)
Dan Fowler
Quinton Lucas (@QuintonLucasKC)
Jolie Justus (@JolieJustus)
Lee Barnes Jr.
Kevin McManus (@McManusKC)

Stay tuned to our Twitter (@DNAKCMO) for more info!