Hey, there, internet user! Are you Twitter-savvy? Facebook-friendly? Do you know your way around Hootsuite? Is your HTML A-OK? If so, we need you!

Our VP of Communications is moving to London, and while her heart will always be with #downtownKC (figuratively, of course), DNA needs boots-on-the-ground within the Loop and the River Market. 

If you're interested, send us an email that tells us:

  • Why you think you'd be good at this
  • What skillz you already demonstrate on the regular
  • How you would change about our current social media setup (don't be shy!)
  • What you love about #downtownkc
  • Where you live (neighborhood-level; we're not trying to creep.)

We won't give you any money (the DNA Board is 100% volunteer-based). We will give you unlimited gratitude, high-fives, and near-full reign of an up-and-coming #KC neighborhood's online voice. Contact us if you're excited by anything listed above!