Nicole     Kirby   ( @kirby310 ) bought her River Market loft in 2006. She loves her job   in the suburbs   building support for kids and schools, but her heart is in the city.

Nicole Kirby (@kirby310) bought her River Market loft in 2006. She loves her job in the suburbs building support for kids and schools, but her heart is in the city.

Take it from Lily and Izzy, the best dogs in the world -- downtown KC is a great place for dogs. Here are only five of the many advantages, as well the truth about the one disadvantage.

The Top Five Benefits for Downtown Dogs:

  1. All of the dogs downtown live within a five-minute drive of the off-leash area at Penn Valley Park, and most are within a short walk. Here, your pup will find plenty of friends to chase, nip and boss around (can you tell I have an Australian Shepherd?). There is a separate area for the little dogs, and plenty of room for the big ones to really run after that frisbee. Just remember your poop bags!

  2. Downtown is full of green spaces for your best friend to use to do his business. Some neighborhoods have more grass than others. In my hood in the River Market, my dogs only have to make it across the street when they've really gotta go.

  3. Want a beautiful, green area to take your dog for a walk or a run? Just come down to the Town of Kansas Bridge at the north end of Main Street, and take the stairs down to the trail leading to Berkley Riverfront Park. You and your dog will enjoy the river, the trains and the feeling of being in nature right next to your loft. Plus there are several poop bag dispensers right along the trail.

  4. One of the best things about living downtown is making friends with all the other cool people who choose to live in this great place. Walking your dog will get you out there several times a day, and after a few pleasant greetings, you'll get to know your human neighbors and your dog will make friends with all the canine neighbors. Lily and Izzy look forward to seeing friends like Gilly, Fancy, Birdie, Rufio and Aubrey.

  5. Things keep getting better for doggie downtowners. There's a fantastic new pet store in the Crossroads, the Tail Waggin' Pet Stop, as well as a new doggie day care for which I've heard good reviews, Dog Pawz. Earlier this year we all kicked in our extra dimes and nickels to crowd-fund a new off-leash dog park for the River Market, plus western downtowners can look forward to a new dog park in Case Park, too.


The One Big Downtown Dog Disadvantage:

I do have to level with you on this one. When the wind chill is below zero, if you are like the vast majority of downtown dwellers, you can't just open the back door and let your pup out into your fenced yard to do her business. No; you have to take five minutes to put all your layers back on while your dog anxiously waits for you to take her back into the Arctic air. But refer to numbers one through five above to remind yourself why it's worth it!

What advantages did I forget, fellow downtown dog lovers?