We asked, and downtown Kansas City residents have spoken — tell us about living downtown. The best parts, the practical things, and especially the "wish-I-had-known-that!" tips that show what living downtown is all about. Living downtown is a different lifestyle than living in the suburbs, but that doesn't mean you can't still do the same things.  

We've listened, so with the help of downtown residents we will share everything we know — and more! — about the ins and outs of living in downtown Kansas City. Follow our Downtown 101 series to as we try to illustrate how to navigate this city. If you have tips of your own we'd love for you to share them. Through the help of DNA board members and experienced downtowners we plan to post to the Downtown 101 series about every 2 weeks.

Have topics or areas that you would like us to cover? We want to cover all of the topics on the minds of downtown residents or those people who are thinking of living downtown. Share your questions, ideas, tips or more with us on Twitter at @dnakcmo using #DTKCliving or on Facebook at KCMO Downtown Neighborhood Association.  We will also create a single place on our website where you can view topics ideas and find all sorts of resources to help you navigate living downtown, including all of the blog posts in this series.

Let's hear it for living downtown!