You may remember a while back hearing about a proposed Development Committee for DNA.  Well, we're proud to say that we're up and running! The development committee is busy tracking active development projects downtown as well as other issues like zoning and infrastructure.  

Most recently, DC members gave testimony on the proposed projects in Quality Hill by Cityscape residential. After reviewing the plans for these projects, we found that they fell short of several of the goals outlined in the Greater Downtown Area Plan. Our comments were presented to city staff, who took them into consideration and requested that the developer go back and modify their design to better conform with the GDAP. We also attended a meeting with the developer of the residential project at 2nd & Delaware to gather information and provide input.  

Some of the issues we are addressing at our monthly meetings include PIAC priorities, downtown rezoning, and the creation of a GDAP-based project evaluation matrix. All of these things will have both a short and long-term impact on Downtown KC. We also continue to attend meetings and sit on committees where DNA has been offered a seat to ensure that the residents of Downtown KC have their voices heard at every opportunity. These are exciting times for our neighborhood, and we're excited to be in the thick of it!