The letter below is from KC Streetcar advocate David Johnson about the public comment session to be held Tuesday, April 1 at 1:30pm. The Downtown Neighborhood Association is in support of the Streetcar Expansion routes. If you are able to attend to voice your opinion on the streetcar, please do!

Tomorrow afternoon (April 1) Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Marco Roldan will hear public comment on the proposed Phase 2 streetcar Transportation Development District petition. I strongly encourage you to make time to testify in support of the petition; it's the only way voters will eventually get a say. You don't have to reside in the TDD to make a comment!

Getting there:

1. The hearing is on the 5th Floor of the downtown Jackson County Courthouse (415 E. 12th). Please take the bus to avoid parking charges and delays in finding a spot ( to plan your trip). If you must drive, parking is available on the street (metered) or in adjacent garages. If you're okay hoofing it, you might be able to snag a free spot south of Truman Road or north of I-70 and walk to the Courthouse.

2. The hearing begins at 1:30pm, but get there earlier. The only purpose is to hear public comment and opponents are expected to be out in force. Doors open at 1pm, but there will be a sign-in sheet (name, address, pro/con) outside earlier. I suggest arriving as early as possible, if you can, or perhaps later if you can't spare the time to wait around.


1. Prepare a few notes on paper or your phone. You don't want to freeze up during your three minutes. Don't worry about assembling facts -- that's what the April 15 judicial hearing is for -- just tell your story about why you want streetcar in your neighborhood. If you do freeze up, just state that you are in support of the proposal and whether or not you reside in the TDD boundary. Stay positive and don't mention opponents concerns (they'll handle that part just fine).

2. Address the Judge as "Your Honor". No exceptions.

3. Media will be present outside of the courtroom. Don't be shy if they ask you to say something on the record!


You may choose to remain in the courtroom (if there is a seat), but you may also exit and meet up with supporters at Zoo Bar (1220 McGee) or just go home and read along on Twitter (@kclightrail). The judge will not rule right away, so we will just be celebrating our efforts.