It is VERY IMPORTANT that as many downtown voices as possible speak up to support the moratorium on drive-thrus in the downtown loop. Here are a few ways:

First, and most importantly: Contact the City Council. Our reps are Jan Marcason and Jim Glover, and Ed Ford is the chair of the Planning & Zoning committee which will hear the ordinance first. Be sure to include a reason you support the moratorium, your name and address. Feel free to copy from the text provided below, or choose your favorite from our open letter to the council.

Send an e-mail to Jan Marcason

Send an e-mail to Jim Glover

Send an e-mail to Ed Ford

I, [name], support the moratorium resolution and a new ordinance encompassed in legislation #130922, #130923 requiring development plan approval for new drive-through facilities in the Downtown Kansas City Loop.

Downtown development that encourages pedestrian-oriented streets contributes to the quality of life for downtown residents. The Greater Downtown Area Plan (GDAP) encourages appropriate development and I feel that drive-through facilities are in direct contradiction to the GDAP. For example, it violates the integrity of a registered historic district, does not enhance pedestrian orientated streets and doesn’t contribute to furthering Downtown as a more diverse mixed-use neighborhood.

Thank you,


Second, sign this online petition so we have a way to show our support with numbers.

Third, be heard! Share these links on FacebookTwitter, or the social media platform of your choice. When doing so, please tag #downtownkc, #broadwayjj or @dnakcmo so we can create some momentum!