We are pleased to report that the KCMO Transportation & Infrastructure Committee unanimously passed Ordinance No. 140982 encouraging the City Manager to conduct road diets! DNA wholly supported this ordinance, and submitted a letter of support earlier this week. You can read it below. For more information on how to get involved with the Development Committee, contact DNA

Building complete streets to accommodate all users, not just drivers, benefits the community by being safer, fostering economic development and promoting healthy modes of travel. Demonstrations of complete street concepts have been staged through Better Block KC events for the last three years.

December 2, 2014

T&I Committee Members

Dear Council Members:

I am writing on behalf of the Downtown Neighborhood Association to express our support for Resolution No. 140982, Directing the City Manager to conduct a road diet analysis of each existing undivided four-lane street to determine the suitability of converting one or more of these streets into three-lane streets via a restriping and/or resurfacing program.

Road diets are explicitly encouraged by the Greater Downtown Area Plan (GDAP).  As proposed in this resolution they would allow for the addition of on-street parking to support downtown businesses, the addition of bike lanes or dedicated space for transit.  Conversion of roadways from four-lanes to three-lanes has also been shown to improve safety by allowing dedicated space for left turn movements. 

As proposed, this resolution offers a cost-effective way for the city to achieve these road diets during the process of performing standard maintenance.  Re-purposing existing street capacity for other modes besides automobiles in this matter is an easy “win” for the city and something we strongly support.


James W. Rice
Vice President of Planning & Development,
Development Committee Chairman
Downtown Neighborhood Association