At our neighborhood meeting on Nov. 19, DNA will hold our annual elections. These are a pretty casual affair. If you want to be involved in some decision making, event planning, neighbor wrangling and development scanning, let us know! A brief description of each position is listed below. We'd love to have you be part of the team.


President — first point of contact for the group. Handles most of the paperwork, and is the communication link to City Hall. 

Treasurer — Handles the greenbacks.

Membership, Events and Outreach — plans monthly member events, including tours and happy hours, and annual events, such as Easter Egg Hunt, BBQ and holiday party. Maintains communication with sponsors. 

Communications — The Twitters. The Facebooks. Those internety things the young kids are doing these days. Plus occasional flyers and info sheets.

Webmaster — Be master of the website. 

Planning and Development — Keeps an ear to the ground on downtown development. Also includes meeting with the DNA Development Committee (monthly), which meets with developers.